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The Future of the Workplace

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Remote work is here to stay. We know that now. Even for traditional industries such as banking, people have realized that it is possible to work well in a distributed way, and do work successfully.

Contrary to other opinions, I don’t think that office spaces aren’t doomed. Far from it. But a restructuring is going to happen. This is what excites me.

What’s the jobs to be done of an office? Control

Employers who have feared remote work for the longest and decry “oh, we’re not ready for it” - are actually

The future office is like a kibbutz - a place to meet, share, laugh, mingle, learn, work out, and have fun. Yes, I said that - to enjoy the company of each other. It’s more like a YMCA than

At Modern, we’re far away from procuring office space.

Saadat Qadri
Saadat Qadri
I’ve been fortunate to work with and learn from data, product and growth leaders at companies such as InVision, CB Insights, Breather, Karbon, FreshBooks, Wealthsimple, among others. I love getting my hands dirty in helping build infrastructure to power insights and growth. I’ve helped build data teams from scratch, and I’m learning how to a better manager every day.