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On Mindset

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Mindset is what determines whether you succeed or fail in life. I was lucky to grow up in a family where people lived up these ideals. My parents, in particular - imbibed Mindset is everything. Summary of Carol Dweck’s book

How do you identify a growth mindset in your people?

When I’ve hired in the past, I’ve looked for these example of mindset,

– I was interviewing for an analyst; we didn’t quite have the position finalized, but she had a solid resume, and I wanted to meet her. She impressed right away. But I hummed and hawed about making a decision - she did something. She researched a government grant for new graduates

Can people grow out of a fixed mindset?

Saadat Qadri
Saadat Qadri
I’ve been fortunate to work with and learn from data, product and growth leaders at companies such as InVision, CB Insights, Breather, Karbon, FreshBooks, Wealthsimple, among others. I love getting my hands dirty in helping build infrastructure to power insights and growth. I’ve helped build data teams from scratch, and I’m learning how to a better manager every day. I’m an instructor at Lighthouse Labs for the Introduction to Data Analysis course.