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We’re about to enter The Age of Compassion. Businesses are built on love and trust. That was repeated over and over again by Brian Chesky and Eric Ries.

Multi-stakeholder approach;

Great examples of these businesses - Patagonia; The word that I use to describe my affiliation with Patagonia is love. I love walking into a Patagonia store, because it makes me feel like the outdoors isn’t. I trust that Patagonia making the right moves for the environment, improving racial diversty. I love that they were one of the first companies to think about all-day daycare for their employees. Throughtout the pandemic. I’ll happily give Patagonia more of my money, because I believe these principles to be true.i

I’ve known the feeling of working at a place where you don’t inherently trust your leaders. I’ve hated that feeling. Why would I do anything for you? If I trust you, I’ll do anything.

How will that trust be built? that’s the next question.

Saadat Qadri
Saadat Qadri
I’ve been fortunate to work with and learn from data, product and growth leaders at companies such as InVision, CB Insights, Breather, Karbon, FreshBooks, Wealthsimple, among others. I love getting my hands dirty in helping build infrastructure to power insights and growth. I’ve helped build data teams from scratch, and I’m learning how to a better manager every day. I’m an instructor at Lighthouse Labs for the Introduction to Data Analysis course.