Publishers & Buyers

Robust technology that matches your inventory

Monetize with Superlight SDK

Start promoting your ads of all formats with our superlight SDK. Our lightweight SDK integrates in just a few minutes. With this, you can set best performing ads ever.

SSP for Ad Network

With our programmatic technologies, we enable you to reach the right person at the right time on the right device. We guarantee you smooth integration and easy implementation.

DSP & Ad agencies

With a support of all type ad formats, we provide you rich and direct traffic from the publishers. We ensure that the traffic is real so you receive the real value for money.

Programmatic solutions that ensure better ROI Get access to advertising campaigns from premium ad networks, demand-side platforms and ad agencies within a single interface at JoulesNetwork. Whether ad publishers wish to sell inventory through premium marketplaces, programmatic guaranteed or open real-time bidding auctions, we guarantee you smooth integration and easy implementation. With JoulesNetwork, optimize your advertising space by selecting ads that go along with your website’s style. Maximize revenues with multiple demand sources and try programmatic technology to discover the real value of your inventory. Get connected with numerous Ad Networks, DSPs and SSPs.
Let you and other developers of our community work together as a single team that benefits both. Well-suited with your Ad Network Show JoulesNetwork banners on each of your app pages and also when your network gives you a no-fill. Divide the inventory between Joules Network and your Ad network.
We are an emerging brand in the market by working with the leading frameworks facilitating a faster, reliable and easier SDK implementation. Effective campaign and traffic management We help you in measuring the campaign performance with ease. With the help of our Dashboard you can optimize and control. We do pre-screening of traffic to ensure that you get genuine traffic with better results.